The Lamplighter Foundation

The Lamplighter Foundation was created in 1987 by eccentric millionaire Dr. George D. Lawson, an early pioneer in micro-computing. Dr. Lawson laid much of the micro circuitry foundation that allowed Apple to bring computers into the home as well as IBM and other early computer manufacturers.

In 1985, following the mysterious disappearance of his wife and child, Lawson withdrew to his estate in the mountain town of Estes Park, Colorado. He resurfaced in 1987 to give a very unusual interview in 1987 with the hacker magazine 2600 on the occult. He claimed that cultists worshiping a long-forgotten god were responsible for the abduction and sacrifice of his children. This interview is the last known public appearance of Lawson. It is believed that he has withdrawn into total seclusion since, meeting only briefly and occasionally with his Foundation board.

Later that year, the Lamplighter Foundation was created as a 403c nonprofit in Colorado, with its headquarters in his home estate, The Stanley Manor. It’s board of directors consists of academics from around the world, and it’s publicly professed purpose is to reveal the truths behind so-called occult matters in the public.

Early work by the Lamplighter Foundation included debunking the Satanic sacrifices hysteria that gripped California in the late 80s, and publishing an extensive expose on the inner workings of public so-called secret societies such as the Free Masons in the out-of-print tome, Modern Day Cults, Inside and Out.

Since the book’s publication, the foundation has fallen out of the public light, but it continues to fund and conduct research and investigations globally. An unknown number of consultants are kept on a very generous retainer by the Foundation, with contracts that require them to drop all other activities and come to its aid when required. Experts across all walks of life, professions, and areas of expertise are among those the Lamplighter Foundation employs, at least on a part-time basis.

The current director of the Foundation is Susan Merriweather, PhD, former Professor of Anthropology with Duke University. Dr. Merriweather resigned from her faculty position in 2006 to work full time directing the Foundation’s research and investigatory efforts. She resides in the headquarters at the Stanley Manor.

Other full-time staff include the director of antiquities, Dr. Lawrence Hofstadter, head librarian Willamina Sloan, and Director of Information Techonology Phillip “ZeroDay” Runnard.

The Lamplighter Foundation

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