Robert Edward "Bob" Jones

Self-assured businessman who's always trying to make a deal.


Agility: d4 Smarts: d6 Spirit: d8 Strength: d6 Vigor: d6

Pace: 6 Parry: 4 Toughness: 5

Fighting d4, Intimidate d6, Investigation d4, Knowledge (business) d6, Persuasion d6, Piloting d4, Shooting d4, Streetwise d4, Taunt d6


  • Charismatic (+2 Charisma)
  • Command (subordinates within 5" get +1 to recover from Shaken)
  • Strong Willed (+2 to Intimidate and Taunt rolls, and +2 to Spirit or Smarts while resisting Tests of Will attacks)


  • Bad Luck (2 starting bennies)
  • Greedy
  • Poverty

Bob is a gregarious fellow with a gleaming Texan smile and a near omnipresent black cowboy hat. He’s in her early fifties but carries himself spryly with an eagerness to meet new people. A bolo tie, large gold rings, and Texas sized belt buckle complete the image.

Mr. Jones was, until recently, a rather successful Texas businessman. Over the years he has created four start-up companies ranging from a Pawn Shop to a Furniture Store. In recent months “Bob”, as he prefers to be called, has lost most of that success and is now only partial owner in his own businesses.

Six months ago, Bob’s eldest daughter Sara Jane from his first wife, disappeared while on Spring Break in Chile. At first he poured money into hiring private investigators to find her and ultimately traveled himself to where she was last seen. While asking around a seedy fishing village, things went bad. The locals were hostile to begin with, but that was only the start of it. Shortly after leaving the village he was attacked by armed thugs, apparently from some sort of drug cartel. Bob’s bodyguard was fatally wounded, but not before the two of them were able to make good their escape.

Bob was held for several days by the local authorities who accused him of participating in drug operations in Chile. Ultimately his Visa was revoked and he was returned to the States, but Bob is sure all of his experiences in Chile were related to Sara Jane’s disappearance. Since that time he was poured money into private investigations and seen his personal finances drained through a series of other misfortunes as well. Now, he’s turned his attentions to the Lamplighter’s Society who’s advances he initially spurned, hoping to gather more funds to hopefully find Sara Jane.

Robert Edward "Bob" Jones

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