Dr. Jonathan Samuels

Medical Examiner


Agility- d4
Driving- d4
Lockpicking- d4
Shooting- d4
Stealth- d4

Smarts- d8
Healing- d10
Investigation- d8
Notice- d8
Mythos- d4

Spirit- d8

Strength- d4

Vigor- d6

Pace- 6
Parry- 4
Toughness- 5

Hinderances: obligation, glass jaw, anemic

Edges: doctor, connections, flexible thinker

Interests: biology, chemisrty, forensics, language (latin)

Sanity: 3
Corruption: 1


As the lead medical examiner of Innsmouth he’s seen some gruesome scenes. A string of deaths have some unusual issues that the doctor has no explantion for. They look like claws and teeth marks.

Dr. Jonathan Samuels

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