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  • Susan Merriweather

    Susan H. Merriweather was a mediocre scientist, but is one of the best foundation administrators in the country. Her unique mix of pragmatism and open-mindedness makes her a valuable asset to the Lamplighters. Many consultants have come back with …

  • Phillip “ZeroDay” Runnard

    Phillip Runnard, known in internet circles as "ZeroDay," is responsible for maintaining the various computer systems and electronic devices that run the day-to-day operations of the Foundation. Prior to coming on board with the foundation, ZeroDay …

  • Dr. Lawrence Hofstadter

    Dr. Hofstadter oversees the Foundation's extensive artifact collection, much of which is stored in sub-basements C and D. He is not a talkative man, except on the subject of object identification. Place an unknown pottery shard in front of him and he'll …

  • Willamina Sloan

    "Buh... buhhh.... I need a book. On stuff." --every male consultant to ever meet Willamina. With the exception of Bob, who's already divorced three women just as beautiful and has children with two of them.

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