The Stanley Manor

The Stanley Manor was originally a resort hotel built in 1909, but it had fallen into disrepair when Lawson purchased it and converted it into a vacation home in 1985. Originally, it is believed, the home was intended to be a gift for his wife, an avid skier, but the conversion wasn’t completed until 1991.

Currently, the 138-room building serves primarily as the headquarters for the Lamplighter Foundation. The sub-basements and floors one through three are dedicated to the operations of the Foundation. The fourth floor, however, is offlimits to all but the director and certain cleared staff, and is believed to be the home of the reclusive Lawson.

The grounds include a helicopter pad for transportation in and out of the area during the harsh winter storms, as well as a twenty-four horse barn and stable.

Currently, the manor employs 32 full-time staff on the premises. The Foundation’s total number of employees is not a publicly available figure at this time.

The Stanley Manor

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